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Credit: Shane Rounce

AI Weekly: Condensing the week’s top AI news 

Welcome to AI Weekly, where we delve into the cutting-edge and ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence and bring you concise yet comprehensive summaries of the most exciting AI developments. 

Apple’s Innovative Move: Generative AI Tools Set to Debut at WWDC

Apple is poised to unveil a range of groundbreaking generative AI-based tools at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this June, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The tech giant has been rigorously testing its “Ajax” large language model since early 2023 and is contemplating integrating it into core apps, including auto-completion and auto-summarizing features for productivity tools such as Pages and Keynote.

The upcoming version of Xcode is expected to incorporate AI for code completion, while Apple Music might soon leverage AI for playlist creation and troubleshooting issues through AppleCare.

Walmart Revolutionizes Shopping Experience with Generative AI at CES

In a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Walmart’s president and CEO, Doug McMillon, showcased the retail giant’s foray into new technologies, including augmented reality, drones, and generative AI. Notably, Walmart introduced a new generative AI search feature on iOS, allowing customers to search for products based on use cases rather than specific product or brand names. This innovative approach aims to enhance the shopping experience by providing more intuitive and personalized search results.

Amazon’s Next Move: AI to Replace Car Manuals in BMW Vehicles

Amazon’s recent partnership with BMW aims to revolutionize the way users interact with their vehicles. Through new Alexa capabilities, BMW owners can now navigate their cars using natural language. Instead of delving into complex manuals, users can simply ask Alexa about BMW drive modes or specific features, receiving easy-to-understand explanations tailored to BMW cars. This shift towards conversational interaction aims to streamline the learning process for new BMW owners.

Alexa’s New GenAI Experiences: Beyond BMW

Beyond the collaboration with BMW, Amazon showcased third-party Alexa skills employing generative AI. Character.ai brings conversational characters powered by AI, providing fitness motivation, historical insights, or book recommendations. Splash applies AI to music creation, enabling users to build custom songs through voice commands. Volley introduces a deeper version of “20 Questions,” utilizing generative AI to interact and converse with players.

Rabbit R1: Redefining Mobile Tasks with AI Assistance

The Rabbit R1, priced at $199, seeks to simplify mobile tasks by eliminating the need for multiple apps. This AI digital assistant executes tasks such as streaming playlists, ordering takeout, and booking travel through secure cloud-based apps. Users can command the R1 by pressing a button and vocally instructing it, showcasing a novel approach to AI-assisted mobile interactions.

Samsung Unveils Upgraded Ballie AI Robot

Samsung’s Ballie personal assistant robot has undergone a significant upgrade, featuring a new design, onboard projector, and advanced AI capabilities. Functioning like an AI pet, Ballie can navigate spaces and respond to user calls. The inclusion of a projector enables automatic detection of people’s posture and facial angles, adjusting the projection angle accordingly, marking a noteworthy evolution in AI-enhanced personal assistants.

Samsung’s AI Advancements in Television Technology

Samsung’s 8K QLED models are set to pioneer AI image upscaling, converting standard definition content to an impressive 8K resolution—an industry first. The company is leveraging AI for various applications, including creating AI-generated images and automatically adjusting TV modes based on content type. Samsung’s commitment to AI innovation is expected to be a focal point at the upcoming unpacked event, likely featuring the Galaxy S24 and new AI technologies.

Oclean X Ultra: AI-Enhanced Toothbrush for Personalized Oral Care

The Oclean X Ultra Wi-Fi Digital Toothbrush is revolutionizing oral care with AI-powered features that provide feedback on brushing habits. Utilizing bone conduction technology, this toothbrush offers personalized tips for improvement, exemplifying how AI is not only transforming oral care but also holds potential for broader applications in the field of medicine.

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