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Adobe has introduced Adobe Document Cloud, following up Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud with a service integrating free e-signing as part of its solution.

Document Cloud will include eSign Services, formerly known as Adobe EchoSign, free with every subscription. Any document can be signed from any device, with Fill & Sign making it easier to sign and even autofill across devices.

A new Tool Center offers users a simplified way to access the tools most used and the inclusion of ‘Photoshop imaging magic’ is said to allow users to take a photo – or a ‘scan’ – of a paper-based file, turning it into an editable digital document that can be sent for signing.

Two new apps, Acrobat Mobile and the aforementioned Fill & Sign, have also been launched to push further connectivity between desktop and devices. Mobile Link gives user the opportunity to simply pick up a form or document that they were editing on another device, using the cloud to save edits as they are saved.

Adobe has released Document Cloud as an extension of its Adobe Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud solutions, enabling a seamless integration that will see all files able to be synced with Creative Cloud. It goes both ways as well. Adobe Creative Cloud users will have access to Document Cloud via Acrobat DC, included with a Creative Cloud membership.

“People and businesses are stuck in document-based processes that are slow, wasteful, and fragmented. While most forms of content have successfully made the move to digital (books, movies, music), documents and the process of working with them have not, and that needs to change,” Bryan Lamkin, Senior Vice President of Technology and Corporate Development at Adobe, said in a statement.

“Adobe Document Cloud will revolutionize and simplify how people get work done with critical documents.”

Adobe also released the findings of a new study, Paper Jam: Why Documents are Dragging Us Down, to back up the release of their new services.

The research, compiled from interviews with 1,006 office professionals from Australia, revealed that 83 per cent of workers using a computer daily believe their success and work ability is affected by outdated ways of working with documents. 61 per cent said they would consider changing jobs if it meant they would be dealing with less paperwork, and 74 per cent agreed that completing a process without having to use paper was secure, easy and saved time.

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