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Co-founders of UAM Tec, Ben Fleming (Managing Director) and Shawn Taylor (CEO)

Tech startup UAM Tec launches underwater ‘GoogleMaps’, looks for partnerships

Melbourne-based emerging tech company, UAM Tec (Underwater Autonomous Mapping Technology) has today announced the ambitious launch of its first product, Sub Mapping.

The privately funded startup has created an underwater submarine that can autonomously map the world’s oceans, lakes, and waterways to become an underwater equivalent of “Google Maps Street View” which they call “WaterView” .

Co-founded by Benjamin Fleming and Shawn Taylor, UAM Tec aims to use swarms of subs to create a public map of the ocean floor with WaterView in the same way Google’s Street View visualises the earth’s land.

Shawn Taylor has a deep tech background that includes over 20 years’ experience in network infrastructure, server structure, business and system analysis, software development and various other areas of advanced engineering and IT.

Benjamin Fleming is an entrepreneur with over 14 years in System’s Development, project mapping and deployment and a family history in private enterprise success.

Shawn originally came up with the idea 5 years ago, and UAM Tec was born 6 months ago as a result, now operating with a team of 11 in the business.

Tech startup UAM Tec launches underwater ‘GoogleMaps’, looks for partnerships

UAM Tec co-founder Benjamin Fleming said Sub Mapping had the ability to transform the way humans understood, interacted and protected the planet’s water bodies.

“As a research tool, the subs will provide insights useful for a range of industries with their ability to gather data. We will also be able to share knowledge and imagery with the public. Ultimately, we will be able to look at ways to live in better harmony with our planet,” Fleming said.

UAM Tec’s Sub Mapping technology is the first fully autonomous and visual-based mapping submarine to exist in the world. Once deployed in our water bodies, the sub will be able to provide a depth of data about our planet’s underwater environment richer than any information currently available in science today.

By 2021, UAM Tec hopes to be the leading provider of the most advanced mapping technology for the oceans, lakes and waterways. It also hopes to secure a number of key partnerships across a number of industries.

The main customer base they are looking to reach out to ranges from general public, to universities, to marine scientists, search and recovery, research facilities and more.

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