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In 2010, Facebook passed Google in website traffic. This is an incredible achievement considering Google has had such rapid and fantastic growth in the history of the net. But should you jump into this global phenomenon?

Here are some of the reasons why you should follow the trend:

1. Facebook redefines word-of-mouth

Facebook fans are able to receive messages that you send through a wall post, “like” something on your wall, comment on an existing wall post, and share the post to their friends.  The potential reach of Facebook is enormous.

2. Customer relationship

The creation of social media does not change one of the core concepts of marketing (building customer relationships), but rather embraces it and puts the customers in the driver’s seat more than ever before. Customers can now be our greatest friends or our most powerful enemies, and they can switch from being one to another in a click of a button. They can instantly tell us their needs and wants, and how well we are doing (or not) in performing against their expectations.

Depending on how you run your business, Facebook can offer an exciting future or be a nightmare. For businesses who are ethically run, with a proper understanding of social media marketing, you should be excited about your future. For those who run their businesses otherwise, social media is sure to catch you eventually. Yes, you should listen to what the customers have to say, whether it is good or bad. Consider this as market research with the potential to transform your businesses for the better. Nevertheless, social media is here for the greater good.

3. Customer’s involvement and connection

People on Facebook choose to follow you, which means that they have a genuine interest in your business. This is far better than other marketing which might give you broad reach but a lot of your messages go to the people who have no interest in your business. Now you can start connecting better with your customers and get them more involved. A lot of businesses have used Facebook to their advantage through:

Creating contests and giveaways

Put simply, people love winning, and when they win prizes and discounts, they will share the news with their friends. Being generous to your fans is a win-win strategy for both you and the fans. From your perspective, you will give the fans a chance to trial your product through winning the contest and encourage word of mouth. You can also acquire the details of the participants  to use for future research or events. From the fans’ perspective, the thrill of winning the prize will generate positive attitudes toward your business and anticipation for future events.

Poll or survey your fans

Consumers love to give their opinion. They want to share their ideas and feelings, in a quick and easy way that makes them feel like they’re connecting with a brand. Polling your fans is the fastest way to create an active conversation on a topic. Listening to their ideas, thoughts, and feedback will make your fans feel appreciated. You might not get the participation that you desire the first time, but by repeating the program over time, you will steadily increase your participation numbers.


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Oddy Tedjasurja

Oddy Tedjasurja

Oddy Tedjasurja is currently working for WordCentric, a copywriting firm providing unique copy for 25 per page. He holds a Bachelor degree majoring in Marketing and Management from Monash University.

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