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Hosting a networking event is not only a way to promote your own business or brand but it is also a method of connecting with others and building potential partnerships for the future.

Knowing how to put on a successful networking event can ultimately mean the difference between making the connections you need to move forward in your own business plans or not.

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing the right location is key when hosting and planning a networking event of your own. Be sure to research different locations that are near your place of work, especially when inviting employees and other individuals who are involved with your business or brand. Compare hotels, offers, deals and conference rooms to guarantee you are getting the most space for the best price prior to booking the event and sending out invitations.

Using Social Media and Sharing Tools Properly

Using social media and sharing tools online is a way to help put on networking events properly, especially when you are selling tickets or seeking attendees for the conference itself. Putting social media to use is possible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even Tumblr to help get started. Social media allows for other users to share links and information regarding the event with friends and other potential business associates who may be interested in attended.

Always be sure to update frequently and consistently to ensure all of your followers and online users are aware of the networking event you are planning to host.

Incorporating Technology for Attendees

Whenever you are hosting a networking event it is also important to consider the technology that is available at each conference center or location you are interested in. Ensuring there is wireless internet along with other outlets available is a way for you to host a digital conference whether you are having additional speakers or if you are presenting the conference all on your own. Inquiring about the available technology at each hotel or conference area you are interested in renting is imperative before making a decision on the event location that is right for you.

Corporate Catering

Consider the option of bringing in corporate catering for your networking event. Choosing corporate catering is a way to provide packaged and boxed lunches along with a variety of dish options based on the catering service you have selected. Choosing a catering service like Noosh in Brisbane allows you to relax on ensuring your guests are full and satisfied while attending the event.

Seek Out Corporate Sponsors

Seeking out corporate sponsors is another way to increase the number of attendees you have at your conference while also boosting the reputation of the event and its professionalism altogether. Seeking out corporate sponsors can be done by determining the type of content you want to have covered prior to reaching out to individuals who are the owners and operators of different businesses in your field or industry. Choosing to reach out for corporate sponsors is a way to also help in funding the networking event you have in mind, even if you are looking to highlight your own company and brand throughout the event itself. Create package deals for sponsors and allow sponsors to host their own tables and booths to give attendees more to do throughout the conference, helping to make it a success.

Offer Discounts and Deals When Booking

When you know how to put on networking events it is much easier to provide special discounts, package deals and other savings for those who are planning to stay nearby or within the hotel where the event is hosted. Giving those who are invited more of an incentive to stay and to book tickets is possible by working together with nearby hotels who are willing to provide the discounts for those who are attending the conference.

The more you know about putting on networking events, the less likely you are to over-stress and over-think your options and the tasks required to begin hosting the actual event. Taking your time when planning a networking event, choosing the right location and understanding what your attendees are looking to get out of the event themselves are all important factors to keep in mind the next time you are planning a conference for business.

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