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Beyond the Blister Pack: Innovations in presenting and packaging modern products

A cursory glance around the shelves of most stores and browsing online portals, will quickly confirm that the way products are packaged and presented has changed quite considerably in recent times.

Companies like C.L Smith have evolved their packaging solutions in line with the innovations that we have witnessed, so whether you are trying to manage hazardous materials or require bespoke bottle molding, you should be able to find a way to present your product in the best possible way.

Making the most of blister packaging

You may be surprised to discover that blister packaging can now be found in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, where you should now be able to find a solution to any number of required purposes.

The packaging industry has responded admirably to all of the challenges presented to it as product ranges have expanded and consumer tastes and demands change. Here is a look at some of the ways that you might use blister packaging, so that you can achieve your aims of packaging your products in a safe and economical way.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries require their products to be packaged safely and securely, for obvious reasons. Carded blister packs offer the solution, as they offer a number of different solutions and safeguards.

Using carded blister packaging allows you to tick all of the important boxes in respect of being tamper and child proof, as well as offering airtight conditions and a high level of durability. Another big plus point with carded blister packaging is it allows you to make it easier for consumers to safely gauge the correct dosage, if it is a medicinal product.

Satisfying consumer demands

There is understandably, a great diversity in consumer goods being offered in the marketplace, but despite these range of potential packaging challenges, one solution, in the form of consumer goods blister packaging, tends to fit the bill.

Carded blister packs are a common sight and used extensively across a range of typical consumer goods. The process allows you to secure the product using molded plastic in order to create the blister, followed by sealing it securely against a cardboard backing.

Another viable alternative when it comes to working with blister packaging, is the option to use clamshell blister packaging.

This is often perceived to be the most robust and secure way of making use of packaging processes and technology. A clamshell blister pack is manufactured using a single piece of strong plastic which has had a hinge incorporated within the design.

The one thing that you could possible say could be a slight negative with regard to using clamshell blister packs is that whilst they store and secure the item in probably the most secure way possible, this does tend to mean that consumers experience a bit of frustration in trying to actually get the item out of the packaging.

It is hard to knock a product because it is so strong and protective, but even if you don’t take the clamshell route because of these slight concerns, there is no question that blister packaging in some form or another, does provide a lot of solutions when you are looking to present your consumer goods in the best possible way.

Beauty contest

There is no question that there is an ever-growing level of competition for space on the shelves and it is also hard to dispute the theory that human behavior in general tends to work on being drawn to what takes our eye in the first instance.

That instant attraction theory may well work when it comes to the dating game, and it certainly has plenty of relevance in terms of ensuring that your product is able to win its own beauty contest and demand the attention of consumers as they scan their way along the displays.

From the name of your product to the logo, colours and fonts you use, these all have the potential to draw consumers in or send them away in an instant. This is why so many forward-thinking companies believe that it is important to spend a decent amount of time and money to create the highest level of aesthetic appeal possible.

Using the right packaging is just one part of the equation of course, as you also have to have a product that appeals to consumers in the first place. If you manage to draw their eye however, and they pick up the item for closer inspection, you want to ensure they like how the packaging feels and presents the product, having at least won the beauty contest.

About the author

Dominic Mason is studying for an MA in packaging design. Always inventive, with an artistic flair, Dominic hopes his unique packaging ideas will one day be flying off the shelves!