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Social media and review websites mean consumer perception is more important than ever – a few negative tweets or Facebook posts can be enough to dent your brand image.

One Australian business is taking an interesting approach to boosting its public image: security specialist Guardsplus Australia has decided each of its security guards must have an accredited basic First Aid certificate.

David Millward, managing director of Guardsplus, said the training is part of the company’s aim to transform the typical ‘bouncer’ image of security staff.

“At any venue there can be accidents and illnesses…so by having staff trained in First Aid we add that vital first line of assistance and possibility alleviate major problems by the time paramedics or doctors arrive,” Millward said.

“Medical emergencies can occur without warning at any venue in the hospitality industry, from pubs and clubs and concert venues through to five-star hotels, so all our staff must be prepared to deal professionally and clinically in emergency circumstances.”

Millward believes the initiative is also a value-add for the business.

“Security is no longer a matter of putting someone on a doorway who glares at patrons and tries to look tough for no valid reason. Ours is a very valuable service to the client and should be dove-tailing with their own business practices through skills and qualities they cannot feasibly afford in-house,” he said.

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Gina Baldassarre

Gina Baldassarre

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