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Making the Right Impression: How To Make your Business Stand Out from the Crowd

Most businesses need to deal with a bit of competition while many strive to stand out from the crowd. While business ethics classes touch upon employer and employee behavior, a number of business owners and workers struggle to project a good, consistent company image.

Stay Off Social Media

Many businesses use social media in a strategic way to gain clients or the advocacy of present clients. But that’s usually an endeavor operated by the owner, PR person, or trusted marketing agency. Too frequently people mention where they work on social media accounts and proceed to litter the Internet with personal opinions and objections. While every person is free to have an opinion, it’s not smart to link personal beliefs with the business. When in doubt, don’t post it on social media. Even better – stay off of social media altogether.

Keep Things Professional

Often, people who work together spend time together after work or on the weekends. There is no issue with being friendly with co-workers, for a strong relationship often improves the execution of company objectives. However, be sure to keep things professional at the office or when out in social settings as co-workers. This includes abstaining from inappropriate speech and terms, drinking too much alcohol, and acting in ways that would embarrass your boss and the company image. You never know who is just around the other corner or within earshot during times you think you are not being overheard.

Offer Constructive Criticism Only

If you’re a superior or manager, you may be asked to write reports or give anecdotal evidence of how an employee is doing. Even in the most horrendous situations, always provide constructive criticism. That goes whether you’re relaying reports to your superior or when you’re acting as a superior providing advice to a subordinate. Remember that what you say is not only a reflection on others. More importantly, it makes people place judgment on you.  An objective and even minded manager is the one who can speak to others in a business-only style without intimations of personal prejudices, opinions, etc.

Let Results Speak for You

Nobody likes a blowhard, especially within the office. Rather than compete with others in your office or those working for competing companies, allow your work to speak for you. Be the best worker you can be without mention of outstanding results and a great work ethic. Sure, it’s okay to thank your boss or superiors when being celebrated for a job well done, but it’s important to stay humble and continue to get results.

Dress Appropriately

In modern times, some businesses and verticals have adopted a more informal approach to dress and appearance. For example, an office that once featured workers in suits and dresses may now allow people to wear polo shirts, flat shoes, etc. However, this is not a personal choice. You need to dress appropriately for the office and for tasks at hand. Nurses need to wear appropriate clothing just as a lawyer, construction worker, etc. Browse here for bio scrubs and gear appropriate for medical settings.

Solve Rather than Identify Problems

Do you know what a boss likes more than knowing about an issue? The fact that the same person who first identified the problem went through the motions to try and solve it versus simply reporting it (or in other words “complaining”). Be a person known for troubleshooting and problem solving rather than one known for nagging, complaining, or dumping more work onto someone else’s plate.

Under Promise and Deliver More

It’s a philosophy of great businesspeople. You want clients and customers to get more than they expected. It starts by not overpromising, which can happen when trying to make a sale. Some people want to make a sale so badly that they will stretch the truth or downright lie about features, timelines, etc. Yet such exercises make it likely most clients will be disappointed that the brand did not deliver as promised.

Hire a Public Relations Expert

Some businesses have a public relations department. Others hire outside for help and consulting. While many businesspeople have the brains to make money. Emotional intelligence is a totally separate topic. While some are great working on machines or choosing the right stocks, not every person is built to understand when to keep their mouth shut or to choose the right words for a particular circumstance. Alternatively, public relations professionals are apt in relating to people and can teach employees how to do the same.

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Lauren Davison is a businesswoman who shares her tips and experiences online through her articles, hoping that her wisdom can help other like-minded people get a step ahead.

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