Confused about your rights at work?

With unions and the Federal Government’s advertising mixed messages on the introduction of the new Work Choices Act*, the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) has set the record straight and published an easy to understand guide on employment and the law in NSW.

Hot Topics 61: Employment and the Law is now available in all NSW libraries, and is a plain english guide on the laws governing employment and issues affecting the individual.

This edition includes the changes brought about by Work Choices, issues involved in seeking employment as well as topics such as leave entitlements, harassment, safety at work and grievance procedures.

Significantly this edition provides information on NSW laws that operate alongside the new Federal system. Young workers in NSW, for instance, have additional protection under the NSW Industrial Relations Act 2006 for work conditions that were removed by Work Choices, including a safety net for wages and other entitlements and protection from unfair dismissal.

This edition also includes a selection of interesting case studies, such as: – an employee engaged at a rate under the minimum wage and complained to the NSW Department of Industrial Relations – a 21 year old worker at a fast food chain who was burnt by hot oil

As a community and student resource, each section of the guide features handy ‘Hot Tips’ on important issues and provides links to additional information.

Hot Topics is a magazine series on legal issues in NSW and is published by the State Library of NSW, Legal Information Access Centre. Hot Topics provides information for the community and students, and is provided free of charge to every public library in NSW.

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