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Time poor? It’s no excuse for being social media lax

Dynamic Business is bringing you our top stories for 2012 over the break. All small businesses need to learn this lesson, that time is no excuse not to invest in social media.

Lack of time is the biggest reason many SMBs shy away from social media, but it’s no longer a legitimate excuse because some planning and the right tools allow for a clever investment of time in these channels – which will pay dividends.  

According to the 2011 Sensis Social Media Report, only 14 percent of small businesses in Australia have a social media presence. One of the biggest reasons behind this is a lack of time. With so many other competing activities for the small business owner’s time, social media activities are either left to the wayside or not bothered with at all.

As a digital strategist I often come across dead social media accounts from businesses that started with good intentions only to flounder a few months later as time pressures squeeze it off the priority list. One of the worst things a business can do for its brand is leave it floundering in cyber space. But don’t fear, there are ways for even the most time pressured of SMB owners to make become social media rich even if they are time poor. Read on for the best tricks of the trade for getting social media to work for you in the time you have.

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