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Revealed: The five biggest website gripes

What do consumers find most annoying when navigating online? A new study has revealed what web users see as the five biggest frustrations – all of which are easily rectified with a little time and effort.

Hard-to-find information is the most frustrating aspect of the internet, according to a recent study. The study collected data from more than 36,000 respondents via the website feedback tool Webreep, to find out the top five things that annoy internet users.

It found the five things that make for a frustrating experience on a website:

1. Hard-to-find information.
2. Slow download speed.
3. Slow response to emails.
4. Bad quality information.
5. Unattractive design.

The survey also revealed the top five things that successful websites are doing:

1. Ease of use.
2. Social proof – though testimonials, client/customer lists or social media vanity counts.
3. Attractive design.
4. High-quality information.
5. Relevant information.

Tom Edmonds, head of strategic development at dgm, said the tool is one of the simplest ways a website can diagnose specific issues and overall user satisfaction.

“Identifying the pain points with a tool such as Webreep gives empirical evidence that helps us to develop strategies to improve website performance,” Edmonds said.

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Carly McKenna

Carly McKenna

Carly McKenna is currently working as a journalism intern for Dynamic Business. She is also a third-year Media student at Macquarie, a music enthusiast, and a lover of all things literary.

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