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Keep fire safety equipment in check

Each year fire fighters are called out to combat fires which may have been avoided had the right fire protection equipment and systems been installed and properly maintained within a premises. 

Every commercial building must have adequate fire safety provisions in place to assist in the protection of the building’s occupants. A high level of reliability is essential and fire protection systems and equipment should always perform to the standard to which they were originally designed and installed to.

The service team at Wormald finds that while most property managers understand their obligation to install fire protection systems many often overlook, or do not fully understand, the requirements relating to servicing and maintenance.

Having well maintained fire protection equipment and systems on site could mean the difference between a minor fire incident and a devastating blaze. Regular testing can validate the functionality of the fire protection systems and equipment and help uncover any faults or issues that may prevent them from working correctly at the time of greatest need.

It is important that property managers devise regular maintenance programs to help ensure their fire protection systems are kept in proper working order. This can help to identify potential fire hazards and can also assist in determining the most suitable fire protection solution – whether it is a fire extinguisher or fire hose reel, a fire sprinkler system, or a more comprehensive fire suppression system.

Property managers must also keep up to date on the regulations and standards applicable to their region and be aware of the records and/or compliance reports that may be required. For example, in New South Wales, the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulations (2000) stipulates that all essential fire safety measures must be maintained. The regulation mandates that the building owner (or their agent) is to provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) for submission to the respective local governing authority.  An AFSS certifies that a building’s fire safety measures have been assessed by a qualified person and were found capable of performing as intended to their original design standard.

It is understandable that when it comes to fire protection, property and facility managers can find it daunting to understand exactly what the responsibilities are. Working with a fire protection specialist can help them to stay on top of things – ensuring all of the necessary servicing procedures are undertaken so that the risk of the fire protection equipment failing is minimised. Wormald offers inspection and testing services to businesses of all types and sizes and can also maintain other manufacturers’ equipment if required.

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Mark Gowans

Mark Gowans

Mark Gowans is the managing director of Wormald Australia. Wormald is Australasia’s leading provider of fire protection solutions and has been protecting people and property since 1889.

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