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For online stores, one of the most time consuming elements is arranging freight for purchased goods.

Baggage Freight is a new e-commerce plugin which has been created to take the headache out of the process, and aggregates the best shipping price from a range of logistics companies.

The brain child of entrepreneur Noi Boyce, who has worked extensively in the wholesale and logistics sector – the plugin is an innovative service.

“In an increasingly global market the primary goal for web entrepreneurs, SMEs and even large corporations new to online sales is to get a product to market at the lowest cost and fastest speed,” Boyce said.

The way the plugin works is simple.

At the checkout of any online store, a buyer will see the price of shipping to their exact location automatically generated.

The Baggage Freight engine does the shopping around for the store owner, and calculates the cheapest price, so the buyer can see that and make a decision there and then on completing the transaction.

“If you don’t have the shipping rate displaying on checkout, what can happen is the buyer may email the seller to ask about the price of shipping to their location – and going back and forth can be quite tedious and it can mean missing out on the sale,” Boyce told Dynamic Business.

It allows the store to generate the shipping labels instantly from a transaction, eliminating the need to ring around to get prices, and having multiple accounts with different companies.

Once the store owner has generated a shipping label, Baggage Freight automatically organises the courier to come the next day and pick up from that shop.

“It just streamlines the shipping process for store owners so they can focus on their business and generating more customers,” Boyce said. “Once the label has been generated, they just stick it on the box and wait for it to be picked up.”

It’s a door-to-door service and is for both domestic shipping and international shipping.

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Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman

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