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Export case study: Ken McQualter on Remote Vision Solutions

Here’s a checklist of inspiration for aspiring exporters. Our collection of 50 favourite export case studies shows that there is no magic ingredient to making it to the world stage, but it certainly helps to get the basics right.

Ken McQualter on Remote Vision Solutions

Exporting since: 2005

Key markets: North America, Europe, China, Japan, Africa, South America.

Remote Vision Solutions (RVS) is a good example of a business starting small to fly high. InspectCam, their SDMS laser measurement system, detects damage to surfaces under 0.025mm, making it particularly useful for monitoring changes in aircraft fuselage skin where miniscule damage can lead to bigger problems.

Similarly, the company’s exports started small with Texan company Southwest Airlines but now fly high with air giant Boeing, where their product is the only equipment approved to undertake aircraft fuselage skin scribe line inspection and measurement. Now export accounts for 85 percent of sales.

Co-founder, Ken McQualter, says that hard work pays off in the industry. “Bringing innovative technology into aerospace, one of the most highly regulated and controlled industries in the world, has required and will continue to require persistence and dedication,” he says.


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