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Check out the following search engine marketing tips, so your online business is search engine optimised and driving traffic to your website.

1. Get with the lingo
Know the search terms customers use to find your business on the Internet and use them on your website: titles, headers, sub-headers, meta tags, and general content. Try to secure relevant key phrases as domain names. A unique, topical name like melbourne-florists.com.au should rank higher in search engine results than myfloristshop.com.au if potential customers use the search term ‘florists in melbourne’.

2. Content is King
What you write on your web page is what appears in the search results. If the text does not relate to what customers are searching, your site will most likely be ignored, thus, lowering your search engine ranking.

3. Spread the word
Get back links from relevant credible sites. Google, in particular, will rank your site based largely on how many other sites have had visitors click from their website to yours.

4. Don’t forget to sell your wares
Once they’re in, turn your site visitors into paying customers or genuine prospects. Do you want them to buy online (in the case of e-commerce), sign-up to your newsletter, fill out your contact form or download your whitepapers? Whatever it may be, make the most of their visit while you have their attention.

—Robelen Bajar, marketing manager, Business and Consumer, Melbourne IT (www.melbourneit.com.au)

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