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Local spirits distributor takes on the booze big boys

Three local alcohol producers are taking on the big boys of the booze world to get their spirits into the hands of consumers. However, to succeed they must first win the support of Aussie drinkers.

The founders of Tequila Tromba, The West Winds Gin and 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka have forged a mateship through sharing experience and knowledge.

They took their collaboration a step further on Australia Day when they launched their own local distribution company called Local Craft Spirits.

The team recognised a trend in Australians becoming more educated about what they eat and drink.

“We are looking to kick off the next phase of this movement by getting Australian drinkers excited about local spirits, produced by locals as well as providing great service to our trade partners, who will have direct contact with the people behind the brands,” said Jeremy Spencer of The West Winds Gins.

Local Craft Spirits is working hard on getting their products known and making them easy to find. They recently shared their brand and local knowledge at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

They believe the main strategy for success is to get drinkers to think more about what they drink and where their drinks come from.

James Sherry, co-founder of Tequila Tromba said: “Rather than blindly calling for a vodka, have a think about where that vodka comes from, who is behind the brand and what kind of drinking experience it offers.”

The biggest obstacle for them so far is competing with the resources and cash of the big, international companies. Sherry tells Dynamic Business, “We’ve pooled resources between our three founding brands, so that we may create a stronger team that is better equipped to combat the big boys. We call this strength in numbers!

With the heavy taxes and payment terms weighing on the shoulders of local distributors, the road may seem bleak. But don’t give up.

Sherry stresses, “You are on the right track! The trend has been turning to boutique independent spirits for a long time now, and locally produced and owned spirits is the next step. Hound your local MP. Locally produced spirits add another element to Australia’s rich variety of food and drink, and should be supported rather than hindered by the government.”

The company is currently operating out of all states and territories. The hope is that with a rise in the number of locally owned and focus groups like Local Craft Spirits, Australians will choose other Australians.

For more information and contact details, please visit their website.

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