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As businesses grow it becomes increasingly difficult for those in charge to keep a close eye on every small detail of what’s going on. As the owner of a small business, Jane Korn from Moving Angels knows this all too well.

Moving Angels is an expert packing and unpacking service for individuals who are moving home. Jane established the business after personally experiencing the stresses of moving house – 17 times!

As her company grew, Jane found it harder to find the time to keep across every aspect of the business so she contacted her account manager at Zintel to find a solution. Zintel is an Australian organisation which delivers call tracking solutions to help businesses monitor, optimise and measure both online and offline marketing.

Zintel were able to help Jane with her drive for business efficiency by providing Moving Angels with a Call Recording solution to monitor her incoming calls.

Growing pains

With a toll-free number in place for several years, Jane was able to efficiently handle incoming calls and give her business a professional presence. However as the company started to expand, she realised she didn’t have the visibility over her staff’s activity and the level of service they were providing over the phone to current and prospective customers.

For Moving Angels, like most small businesses, every single call was a potential sale and is all vital to the success of the organisation.

“It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget that each time you’re answering the phone you could be speaking with a potential customer. That single, initial interaction can determine whether or not we secure new business for the company,” she said.

Jane decided to use a call recording service to be able to listen to what her staff, and herself, sounded like when talking to customers over the phone. Call recording gave her the freedom to listen to the conversations anytime and anywhere she liked,providing flexibility around her busy schedule.

“Call recording lets you see into a part of your business you normally don’t have visibility over, and it’s something that many small businesses think they can’t afford. In fact, call recording is very cost efficient and I believe that the money spent is returned many times over in the extra business that we’ve earned,” she said.

The results

Jane gained a true insight into how her staff interacted with her customers over the phone. Through these results she was able to change how her staff, and herself, spoke on the phone ensuring everyone sounded professional and helpful.

“I now run monthly meetings with all staff to train them on phone etiquette and how to manage the varying enquiries that we receive. I often play a couple of the best recordings for staff to listen to as examples of great interactions with customers,” she said.

Jane found call recording to be a simple but effective way to ensure service levels are consistent across the company, and that staff are performing to the highest standard they can to secure new business.

Without the call recording solution she would be unable to ensure all of her staff were maintaining the professional standards she had set.

Kim Irvine is the general manager of Zintel, which delivers call tracking solutions which help businesses monitor, optimise and measure both online and offline marketing. It has more than 2,700 customers in Australia that range from small and medium-sized businesses to government organisations and multinational corporations.

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