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Senior Helpers franchise business launches in Australia

Senior Helpers, already a hit franchise in the United States has launched in Australia with the backing of one of Australia’s most successful franchise developers Paul Wheeler.

Senior HelpersPaul Wheeler created Australia’s most successful franchise operation, Cartridge World and remained at the helm until the business was bought by private equity company Wolseley in 2007.

After a short stint in semi-retirement, Mr Wheeler joined forces with former Cartridge World Managing Director, Mike Fuller to establish a highly anticipated international franchise consultancy, Group Seven and “Senior Helpers” is the first of their new international franchise opportunities to be introduced to the Australian market.

“We are genuinely excited to be bringing Senior Helpers to Australia and New Zealand,” says Mr Wheeler.

“We have an ageing Australian population which is growing at a phenomenal rate. Already 3 million Australians are aged 65 and over and that’s expected to double to 6 million in the next 20 years. More Australians are living longer and as a nation we’re struggling to look after them and there’s a huge drain on the public purse when they’re placed in taxpayer subsidised care.

“People want to stay in their homes. They want to be as independent as they can. It’s not always possible for families to provide the full extent of that support and Senior Helpers is a fabulous business designed to help do just that by offering trained essential companion and personal services.”

Senior Helpers was established in 2001 and now has more than 300 franchise operations throughout the United States. It is the fastest growing home care company in the world and has been named as one of the top 10 franchise businesses in Entrepreneur Magazine.

After travelling the world, looking for potential new franchises to introduce to the Australian market, both Paul Wheeler and Mike Fuller say they’re convinced there’s a major place for Senior Helpers.

“We looked at a number of aged care models around the world and this one really stood out for us,” says Mr Fuller.

“The Senior Helpers’ systems are more suited to Australia, they have an exciting entrepreneurial approach to business and a solid and proven track record of success.”

A strong and ongoing commitment to staff training and continuous development is also one of the features they say sets Senior Helpers apart.

“This is an incredible system, offering consistent and experienced care under the umbrella of one large national and validated company.”

The first new Senior Helpers franchise is being launched in Adelaide next week and the two American founders of this highly successful business – Peter Ross and Tony Bonacuse – will be in Adelaide to mark the occasion. Group Seven will be looking for franchises in Adelaide first to assist in the development of the system.

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