Online challenge set by Subway

Multi-national sandwich franchise Subway has proposed a global challenge for aspiring franchisors.

The challenge takes the form of a ‘business simulation game’ (after the style of The Sims or Second Life) whereby participants will build, train, operate and promote their own virtual Subway outlet.

One part clever marketing, one part genuine business development, the challenge is a novel way for aspiring franchisees to test their survival skills in a fun environment.

Participants from 100 countries will take part in the six-part challenge, comprising stages like building a virtual store, creating and launching their own Subway Sub and developing a marketing campaign.

The three global winners will visit Subway headquarters in Connecticut, USA, to meet with various company leaders, from store design to marketing, and will receive guidance and advice about starting their own Subway franchise.

From there, they will tour New York and Washington to view restaurant operations and meet with officials on global business and franchising topics.

Along with the Global Challenge online game there is also an educational component covering the franchise-building model.

This is the second time the challenge has been run, and will close on 20th December. Details are available here.

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