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Domino’s Pizza’s iPhone app delivered by Akamai

Domino’s Pizza’s iPhone app orders will be delivered by Akamai with Domino’s selecting the company to power its online e-commerce platform.

Dominos PizzaDomino’s Pizza have chosen Akamai as the exclusive online content delivery partner in Australia and New Zealand. Domino’s chose Akamai to power its online ordering service and booming iPhone pizza ordering application, as well as the corporate website.

Akamai began delivering content for the Australian Domino’s Pizza websites in September 2009. Since then Akamai has allowed Domino’s Pizza to handle traffic spikes during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, handling some 51 visitors to the site every second during peak periods between 6 June to 6 July 2010.

Domino’s Pizza launched their iPhone application In November 2009, enabling customers to place, customise and track the status of their order generating over $1 million of Domino’s Pizza sales in the two months following the launch. Within the third month of its release, the iPhone application had generated total mobile Internet sales exceeding $2 million for Domino’s.

Online marketing manager for Domino’s Pizza, Michael Gillespie emphasised the added choice and convenience offering online and iPhone ordering gave their customers.

“Online sales have been gathering pace since we gave customers the ability to order over the Internet a few years ago. We built the iPhone application last year to give our customers the option to order pizza when they’re on the move at any time. We want to simplify the transaction for our customers, so we chose a reliable provider like Akamai to deliver the iPhone application, as well as maintain our website and speed up online sales.” he said.

Domino’s Pizza launched the online ordering service in 2005, with it becoming an increasingly popular sales channel for the pizza chain. In June 2009, online sales in Australia constituted 22.5 percent of all Domino’s Pizza sales, and by February 2010 the percentage of Australian sales executed online had risen to 28 per cent. The Domino’s Pizza iPhone application reached the number one position on the list of Top Free Applications on Apple’s iTunes within 5 days of its launch, and the number of downloads has surpassed 270,000.

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