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4 career suggestions for animal lovers

Many people adore animals, but there are some individuals who wishto make a career out of spending time with their furry friends.

If you are looking to go down this path, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of career ideas for you to choose from within the animal sector. Some involve physical contact, while others may be basedon the running and management of institutions.

If working with all animals great and small has always been your dreamcareer, but are unsure of the options available to you, andthe steps you need to take, here are some great career suggestions to bear in mind.

A Vet

One of the most obvious career paths for working with animals would be to become a vet. However, this route requires an extensive amount of study. You will need to hold a university degree in veterinary science, which takes around five years to complete. During the course, you will also need to participate in placement modules; whether in a veterinarysurgery, rescue center, farm or zoo.

Typical daily tasks of a vet include consulting owners about issues and conducting operations if you decide on becoming a veterinary surgeon.

To be successful in the industry,you will need to show a high level of compassion and empathy, as owners are attached to their pets and look for reassurancefrom those in an authoritative position.

Finding veterinary roles is extremely easy with www.vetpetjobs.com.au. There is a range of full-time, part-time andlocum roles based ina variety of locationsso thatyou can find the most suitable position for you.

Groomers and dog walkers

Pet groomersdon’t need any higher-level qualifications, but a training course in a grooming course would certainlystand you in good stead. You could either work for a company orset up your own business.

If you are still a student and looking to get some practical animal experience, you could earn some extra cash by becoming dog walker at the weekends. Again, there are companies who hire, but if you are looking to make it a profession, you could set up a business and draw in your ownclients. You could start by walking a friend’s dog to establish yourself and go on to market your service to the public.


Zookeepers have the task of looking after animals within zoos and safari parks. There is a substantial amount of practical work involved, such as feeding and cleaning, keeping an eye on the animals to maintain their overall wellbeing and talking to visitors.

There are many zookeepers who holdrelevant degrees such as the likes of zoology or animal management. However, some institutions will accept the appropriatecollege courses as a minimum.

It would also be worth participating in some voluntary work experience before making an application to prove you have some idea as to what the job entails.

Working for an animal charity

Working for an animal charity will pay both in love and satisfaction. Charity work may come in the form of working directly with the animals (such as an inspector), working in an office environment to ensure the charity is runningefficiently, or out mingling with the public to collect donations.

Inspectors rescue animals from households who aren’t fit to look after them or collect strays from the streets. You won’t need a higher-level qualification to secure this role, but you will need a good level of fitness to chase animals, lift them and even swim if they are in danger of drowning. You must be emotionally stable to deal with tough circumstances and on most occasions, hold a full driver’s license.

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