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Tasmania winners of the Telstra Business Awards, Southern Wild Distillery

A state-by-state run-down of The Telstra Business Awards winners

If you weren’t already aware, The Telstra Business Awards recognise Australia’s best businesses and give companies a platform to gain credibility, network and access expert advice.

Dynamic Business has rounded up the winners from each state to learn the who’s who of the winning businesses and learn more about their success so far.

All 2019 winners will join other state and territory category winners at the national 2019 Telstra Australian Business Awards in Melbourne next Thursday.

Tasmania winner: Southern Wild Distillery (picture above)

Southern Wild Distillery produces gins and other spirits, using locally grown and produced ingredients wherever possible.

The business’s vision is to bring the ‘Tasmanian spirit’ to all its beverages. Sold under the brand Dasher + Fisher, the products celebrate small local growers and uses real, local ingredients.

“Southern Wild Distillery’s aim is to bring together and showcase the natural beauty, ingredients and producers of Tasmania and its spirits,” said Co-founder and Master Distiller, George Burgess.

Michael Ackland, Telstra Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business, said “Southern Wild Distillery’s passion for Tasmania and spirits shines through its beautifully crafted products, taking distilling to a whole new level. The business’ excellent vision, expertise and business management practices impressed our judges. It is an excellent example of a Tasmanian business doing amazing things and helping to promote this beautiful region beyond its borders.”

Northern Territory: Northern Trade Solutions

A state-by-state run-down of The Telstra Business Awards winners
Northern Territory Telstra Business Awards winners, Northern Trade Solutions

A multi-disciplinary construction company, Northern Trade Solutions, has won the title in the Northern Territory.

The Darwin-based business was founded in 2010 by four tradies with a dream to reshape the local construction industry. Their vision was to create a company where every project, no matter its size, would bring real value to clients.

“Our multi-trade, multi-service approach is what the construction industry needed. Our exponential growth despite an industry downturn and struggling local construction market proves our strategy is the right one,” said Northern Trade Solutions’ Executive Director, Gerry Koukouvas.

The multi-disciplinary team provides services from partition and ceiling systems, external wall facades and cladding, glazing, doors and windows, as well as carpentry, asbestos removal, demolition, mould remediation and waste management services.

Telstra Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business, Michael Ackland, said “Northern Trade Solutions has shown impressive growth, becoming a successful multi-million dollar business in only nine years. Their approach to high-safety standards, multiculturalism and equal opportunity makes them an outstanding winner.”

Queensland: Orbitz Elevators 

A state-by-state run-down of The Telstra Business Awards winners
Queensland winner of the Telstra Business Awards, Orbitz Elevators

Orbitz Elevators supplies, installs, maintains, repairs and modernises elevators and escalators across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

With a specific focus on performance, reliability, aesthetics and sophistication, Orbitz Elevators is a multi-million dollar business that has grown to 85 staff since its inception four years ago.

“At the heart of our identity and culture is an absolute commitment to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations,” said Orbitz Elevators’ Managing Director, Jonathon Dwayre.

Strategic recruitment, training and development programs have seen Orbitz establish a powerful team culture holding shared visions, values and goals.

Telstra Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business, Michael Ackland, said “Orbitz Elevators impressed our judges with its genuine and innovative approach to customer service in a crowded market. The entire team is not only highly skilled at what they do, but are also all engaged behind a strong vision and business plan, led by Mr Dwayre’s solid leadership skills.”

South Australia: Mollydooker Wines

A state-by-state run-down of The Telstra Business Awards winners
South Australia Telstra Business Awards winners Mollydooker Wines

Innovative winery, Mollydooker Wines, has won the South Australian award.

Located in the heart of South Australia’s McLaren Vale, Mollydooker Wines brings incredible attention to detail at every step. Mollydooker Wines uses data and analytics to keep track of vine growth, grape sugar content and watering needs to bring exceptional quality wine at an affordable price.

The family-owned winery, led by Sarah Marquis as Chief Winemaker, produces 70,000 to 100,000 cases annually and exports 80 percent of it.

“Our wines have a distinctive style and taste. They are full of fruit and flavour and we are proud of the dedication, passion and energy that goes into creating every bottle,” said Ms Marquis.

Telstra Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business, Michael Ackland, said “We were impressed by Mollydooker Wines’ business savviness, clear vision and values. With strong financial foundations, the entire team is focused on ensuring the wine quality remains consistent, while making very smart decisions about how the business grows.”

Australian Capital Territory: Coordinate Group

A state-by-state run-down of The Telstra Business Awards winners
Australian Capital Territory Telstra Business Awards winner Coordinate Group

Coordinate Group delivers communications strategies, creative and media to clients, which includes McDonald’s, the Australian National University and the Canberra Institute of Technology.

The consultancy’s collaborative and contemporary approach helps brands solve complex challenges within the ever-changing digital media environment.

Keen to give back to the community, Coordinate Group invests a minimum of 20 per cent of agency time and resources to provide pro-bono support to sporting teams, not-for-profits, start-ups and the wider community.

“We believe we can make a positive difference to our community through collaboration with brands, people and movements we believe in,” said Jamie Wilson, Founder and Director of Coordinate Group.

Telstra Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business, Mr Ackland said “Coordinate Group’s resilience, business intelligence, and focus on business analytics are its recipe for success.”

“They look at the heart of what drives business, the future of the organisation and how to use data to best inform their decisions.

“They have successfully placed their business within the context of Canberra and fostered an approach to local clients that works.”

New South Wales: Sonder

A state-by-state run-down of The Telstra Business Awards winners
New South Wales winners of Telstra Business Awards, Sonder

Sonder uses cutting-edge technology that mobilises spare capacity among ex and off-duty emergency services personnel to make safety and support services accessible to everyone.

If Sonder members feel their safety is at risk, they can use the Sonder mobile app to obtain geo-localised, multilingual, in-person assistance anytime, anywhere, from vetted and trained professionals.

“Our vision is to create a global responder network to address personal safety, putting help by a member’s side anywhere in the world within 20 minutes through our dedicated app,” said Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Craig Cowdrey.

Mr Ackland, Telstra Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business, said “Sonder is a visionary business with a focused, driven and extremely professional team.”

“At the core of the business is its social impact, where military veterans have the opportunity to use their expertise to help people in the community feel safer. A disruptor with a conscience, Sonder is a game changer.”

Western Australia: Unios 

A state-by-state run-down of The Telstra Business Awards winners
Western Australian Telstra Business Awards winners, Unios

Unios is an innovator in the commercial lighting industry.

Founded by Paley Ho, Unios designs and manufactures architectural lighting that are featured in multi-residential buildings, airline terminals and commercial developments across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

The Perth business aims to tackle the complexity of commercial lighting projects, involving numerous stakeholders, by developing a digital platform to make the entire process of design, specification, construction and support a seamless workflow for all parties involved.

“Our business stems from the desire to disrupt an industry by making every step of the journey simpler while also making the most of technology advances,” said Mr Ho.

Mr Ackland, Telstra Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business, said “With its finger always on the pulse, Unios challenges a market traditionally dominated by only a handful of global players. They’re breaking through the status quo by bringing together design, performance and value.”

“In this very complex industry, Unios competes on an international scale and has demonstrated strong financial results, an inspiring vision and long-term expansion plans.”

Victoria: Nutricare

A state-by-state run-down of The Telstra Business Awards winners
Victorian Telstra Business Awards, Nutricare

An all-natural bandage innovator, Nutricare, won the 2019 Telstra Victorian Business of the Year.

Nutricare creates organic, natural adhesive-strip bandages for wounds using the highest quality, sustainable ingredients available.

Inspired by his son’s sensitivity to typical cuts and scratches solutions, founder and CEO James Dutton set out to create a natural product that is environmentally conscious and cost-effective.

“We want to change the consumer health market for the better by delivering a natural, sensitive-skin-safe and environmentally friendly alternative to wound care,” said Mr Dutton.

The B-Corporation-certified business has developed PATCH – a range of bandages made from 100 percent bamboo, enriched with the healing and detoxifying benefits of aloe vera, coconut oil and activated charcoal.

The bandages are fully compostable, plastic-free and suitable for all skin types. Nutricare currently sells PATCH to 35 countries servicing an innovative gap in the healthcare market.

Telstra Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business, Michael Ackland, said “Nutricare was a standout winner among the Victorian finalists.”

“We were impressed by the business’ ability to take something as simple as bandages and transform it into an innovative global business.

“Mr Dutton has built a strong foundation and has the vision for his business to continue to grow from strength to strength.”

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