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YouTube in hot water: IP gone too far?

YouTube has come under fire after audio tracks posted by users on its video sharing site suddenly disappeared.

Upon request from Warner Bros, YouTube has removed a number of personal audio clips from users claiming “copyrighted music”, cutting audio from videos showing users singing their renditions of owned material.

A high school student in the US received an official notification letter from Warner Bros. informing her that a clip in which she was playing the piano and singing Christmas hit ‘Winter Wonderland’ be removed from the site at their request.

The move is set to spark huge debate about an individual’s right to free speech, along with intellectual property rights.

In an official statement by Warner Music spokesperson, in regards to YouTube’s ID tool – which removes copywrited content on the site – Will Tanous noted that Warner Bros. had every right to request the content be removed.

“YouTube generates revenues from content posted by fans, which typically requires licenses from rights holders.

“Under the current process, we make YouTube aware of all WMG [Warner Music Group] content. Their content ID tool then takes down all unlicensed tracks, regardless of how they are used.”

Do you think Warner Bros. and YouTube have gone too far?

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