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Xobni Mobile launches for BlackBerry

Xobni, known for their Microsoft Outlook add-in to help people manage their email and relationships, today announced Xobni Mobile for the BlackBerry platform.

Xobni Mobile reinvents the address book; automatically creating rich profiles for every contact you’ve ever communicated with, regardless of whether they’ve been manually added to the native address book.  Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry is now available for download at www.xobni.com/mobile and soon on BlackBerry App World.

“Xobni Mobile automatically builds and maintains the fastest, most complete and smartest address book you’ve ever used,” said Jeff Bonforte, CEO of Xobni. “The launch of Xobni Mobile on the BlackBerry platform is an important milestone for the company, and we have made this even more compelling by powering it with Xobni One.  This new service is the foundation for all our future products, and is the result of a significant investment from our product and engineering teams.”

Xobni automatically creates rich profiles for anyone you’ve communicated with, and offers the most complete and up-to-date contacts ranked in order of relevance versus alphabetically.  Xobni Mobile makes these contacts available to you on the BlackBerry smartphone by opening the Xobni Mobile application, or by “flicking up” on the trackball or trackpad while in the compose window of the native BlackBerry Email application.  This deep product integration allows BlackBerry smartphone users immediate access to all their contacts when they need them, in ranked order without requiring users to change the way they use email on the BlackBerry.

Xobni Mobile

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