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Workers quit because of their managers, not their jobs

New research has found that employees choose to work for an organisation based on the job description, but leave because of poor relationships with management.

Over a million employees participated in the survey conducted by Gallop on behalf of the Chartered Management Institute.

Coach trainer and communication expert, Maureen Pound of Performance Toolkit anticipates that there will be a growing trend for organizations to invest in coach training for managers after the results of the survey. Ms Pound went on to say, “It’s clear that there is a communication crisis amongst many managers in the workplace. After many years of communication experience I’m convinced that the essence to a positive relationship between management and staff is the implementation of coaching skills.”

“When a manager uses coaching skills it empowers, supports and engages employees to be focused and purposeful and solve their own problems. Research has shown that this improves productivity as well as reduces staff turnover. It’s a win-win situation for managers and employees. Once an organization has invested in teaching their managers to use coaching skills to support staff, the benefits will last a life time.”

Only 18% of executives who participated in the Chartered Management Institute research confirmed that their organization had a formal coaching program.

In what will come surprise to no one, the survey concluded that engaged employees are the most productive and efficient workers.

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David Olsen

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