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Why you need to discover your inner artisan

Thought the ‘artisanal everything’ movement was over? Think again. Instead, it’s extending to include a greater variety of workers, argues a handful of experts.

Several months ago we charted the rise of a new type of entrepreneur, the techie artisan. This particular breed of skilled creative combines old-fashioned craft products such as custom-tailored shirts or small batches of homemade preserves with the latest in business tech to create a fresh and profitable blend of old and new.

But apparently, these aren’t the only sort of artisans new in town. According to Canada’s National Post more and more of us, well beyond those who earn their paycheck making goat cheese or jewelry, will need to take an artisanal approach to our work. Author Graeme Hamilton writes:

Harvard economist Larry Katz has become a guru of sorts of the new artisan economy. He argues that many well-paying jobs of the future will be in the service sector and will reward people whose skills and personal touch set them apart. One example he has offered is a well-educated caregiver able to engage with elderly clients as opposed to someone who approaches the work as drudgery.

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