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Why study when you can “Chk Chk Boom” your way to the top?

I heard some rather alarming news this morning and it has gotten me all fired up again. It appears Clare the “chk chk boom” girl, aka: the girl who everyone seems to be obsessed with, may get a job working on A Current Affair as a journalist!

Has everyone gone completely bonkers??? Have we really gotten to the point where where any idiot off the street who shoves themselves in front of a camera, spouting off lies and politically incorrect statements can be catapulted to celebrity status and rewarded with a job at the end of it?

It seems now hard working uni students are being punished because they didn’t throw themselves in front of a camera and lie about witnessing a crime. What about all those who are doing the hard yards to become a journalist? Studying for 3 years at university, getting a cadetship at a lowly paper and gradually working their way up over the years to become a respected and professional journalist. Gee, who needs qualifications, who needs actually experience when you can just pick up a pretty girl off the street with no experience to do a job that I am sure, hundreds of people across the country would love to get.

I have been waiting for her 5 minutes of fame to die down but it just seems to grow by the day, and now people who are actually doing the right thing are missing out. We will probably spawn a ridiculous craze where people will start seeking out cameramen, spouting off ridiculous lies and doing ridiculous stunts in order to get noticed. It’s madness.

What do you think?

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Jessica Stanic

Jessica Stanic

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