When it’s time to take the back seat

An entrepreneur can become an inhibitor to growth for a company passed the start-up phase. It may be time to disengage.

We’re fascinated by the power of entrepreneurship. An individual entrepreneur, or an intrapreneur within a larger organization, is essential to jumpstarting business growth.  An entrepreneur can take a start-up, a collection of products or services, or a fledgling team and create a growing business. We like to say that entrepreneurs create growth by grabbing the business by the neck and forcing it to grow.

But once the business reaches a critical level of sustainability, an entrepreneur can also become an inhibitor to growth. Entrepreneurs that have the foresight to step away from the business and redirect their efforts when the time is right can make sure that their business’s early growth is sustainable.

Growth leadership is different than “grab by the neck” entrepreneurship, and can be more effective at growing an established business.

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