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Barack Obama, standing in front of microphones

What you should learn from Obama’s LinkedIn profile

We asked an army of LinkedIn experts what the Obama campaign could do better. They had some takeaways for you as well.

Recently, we asked a panel of social media gurus to evaluate Mitt Romney’s LinkedIn strategy. Now we’ve done the same for President Obama. (One note: Our panel has grown: 23 LinkedIn experts and marketing professionals weighed in this time, up from 16 last time.)

President Obama actually has two profiles: his candidate profile, and his campaign organisation profile. Overall, our experts gave the president mediocre grades. Here’s what Obama is doing wrong on LinkedIn–and what it can teach you about your own social-media strategy.

1. Half a Profile May Be Worse Worse Than None at All

Our social-media experts guessed that whoever designed the Obama profiles might have been told there were two priorities: “Don’t do anything controversial,” and “Get us on LinkedIn.” (Yes, in that order.) The result is kind of incomplete and lackluster. (Perhaps that’s not surprising, given that the  campaign unveiled one of the most most boring slogans in the history of U.S. politics earlier this year.)

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