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Website crashing? 5 things to do now

GoDaddy went down earlier this week, taking many small business’ sites with it. Here’s what to do if you’re ever in those shoes.

If you didn’t experience problems directly, you’ve no doubt heard already that GoDaddy went down on Monday taking the essential Web presence of many small businesses with it. That’s terrible news for those affected and also for GoDaddy, which will certainly lose customers. But perhaps some good can be wrung from the incident.

In light of the disruption, it’s a good time for entrepreneurs to get up to speed on what to do if they’re ever in the shoes of GoDaddy users. What’s the right response when your own site goes down? Experts offer these tips.

Check: Is It Really Down?

Press Shift + Refresh to make sure you’re not seeing a cached version (hold down Shift while reloading or refreshing the page). If the website displays fine, then the problem is probably related to your client’s computer or broadband connection. If it fails, then visit a robust website, such as google.com or bbc.co.uk. If they fail too, then there is at least an issue with your own broadband connection (or your broadband company’s DNS servers)…. check the website on your mobile phone or phone a friend. To be doubly sure, ask your friend to check,” suggests Paul Tero, a server administrator who wrote up his advice for IT teams responding to server crashes for Smashing Magazine.

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