Want to succeed? Get used to failure

Stop thinking so much–you’re just procrastinating, says Jessica Herrin, founder of WeddingChannel.com and Stella and Dot.

You have to fail your way to success. In entrepreneurship, “there is no easy. There is no shortcut. Never,” said Jessica Herrin, founder of jewelry company Stella and Dot, speaking at the Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World Conference in New York on Thursday.

Herrin, who was named female entrepreneur of the year by Savor the Success, the organization responsible for organizing the conference, told the 500 women in attendance that if starting a company was easy, it wouldn’t be as fulfilling and anyone could do it.

“You are not supposed to pursue something that’s supposed to fall into place over night. If there weren’t hard parts, there would be no value to creating. You have to fail more often if you are going to be successful,” said Herrin, adding that entrepreneurs must fail their way to success through effort and passion.

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