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Virgin Blue flight delay chaos continues for second day

Virgin Blue plunged airports across Australia into chaos yesterday with the failure of its check in systems, however the airline expects flights to return to normal by the end of the day despite continued disruptions today.

VirginBlueVirgin Blue’s flight delays are expected to be resolved by the end of the day with all passengers who had flights canceled yesterday to have been accommodated on flights to their intended destination, with passengers on canceled flights to be given free tickets for Virgin Blue to use at a later date. Virgin Blue however warns passengers flying today to check with their airport of departure to confirm flight times as these may have changed as a result of yesterday’s check-in chaos.

Virgin Blue passengers who had their flights disrupted yesterday and are still waiting on new flight details, the airline is contacting travellers with details this morning. For information regarding claiming expenses incurred as a result of the disruption click here.

The following Virgin Blue flights have been canceled as of 7am this morning:

  • DJ625 Canberra – Sydney
  • DJ208 Adelaide – Melbourne
  • DJ805 Melbourne – Sydney
  • DJ1206 Brisbane – Canberra
  • DJ1211 Canberra – Brisbane
  • DJ319 Melbourne – Brisbane
  • DJ552 Perth – Sydney
  • DJ924 Brisbane – Sydney
  • DJ770 Cairns – Brisbane
  • DJ1313 Hobart – Melbourne
  • DJ924 Brisbane – Sydney
  • DJ938 Brisbane – Sydney
  • DJ939 Sydney – Brisbane

For up to date Virgin Blue flight cancellation information, visit the Virgin Blue site here.

According to Daryl Manning via twitter who is affected by the chaos, Virgin Blue is reportedly letting flights go half empty rather than risk disrupting downstream scheduling and later flights.

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