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v2food launched in Drakes

v2food launched in Drakes

v2food makes supermarket debut in Drakes

Australian plant-based meat startup v2food today announced its long-awaited supermarket debut.

v2food is a new, innovative Australian company committed to making delicious food that is good for the planet.

Developed with over 100 years of CSIRO food & science research and with powerful collaborations within the food industry, v2food will play a pivotal role in changing the way we feed the growing global population sustainably.

Roger and JP Drakes in the Fruit and Veg aisle
Roger and JP Drakes in the Fruit and Veg aisle

From today, the general public can find v2mince and v2burgers at all 61 outlets of Drakes Supermarkets in South Australia and Queensland, making Drakes the first major retailer to sell v2food’s revolutionary plant-based meat.

In being the first supermarket to stock v2food, Drakes Supermarkets is taking advantage of increasing consumer interest in plant-based meat. New YouGov research shows that half (49%) of Australians are interested in cutting down their meat consumption for health or sustainability reasons.

Drakes will also list v2mince and v2burgers in the meat aisle, coming down on one side of a hot topic in retail. A recent study by the Plant Based Foods Association and US retailer Kroger found that plant-based meat sales increased by 23% when placed alongside meat counterparts at grocery stores.

v2food Spag Bol
v2food Spag Bol

The YouGov study also showed that 55% of Australians would be happy to see plant-based meat in the meat section.

Other findings from the research include:

  • Australians living in Victoria (55%) are the most interested in reducing meat consumption.
  • Australians living in NSW (55%), VIC (55%), and WA (53%) are more likely to know where to find plant-based meat in their local supermarket than those in SA (39%).
  • Younger generations are happiest seeing plant-based meat in the meat aisle (75% of Gen Z, 64% of Millennials; compared to 37% of Baby Boomers).

“v2food doesn’t see an end to some meat dishes at the dinner table but it is only by encouraging shoppers to embrace plant-based alternatives that we can sustainably feed the world’s growing population —which is expected to hit 10 billion by 2050. That’s why it is incredibly encouraging that a retail leader like Drakes is taking the initiative to put plant-based meat in the meat aisle. We want the general public to know that v2food looks, cooks and tastes as good as the meat version right next to it. With consumer attitudes shifting, there is a great opportunity for retailers who get ahead of the curve,” said Nick Hazell, Founder and CEO of v2food.

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“We are thrilled to have v2mince and v2burgers in the meat aisle as an Australian made plant-based meat alternative, and to be v2’s first supermarket partner. Plant-based meats are growing in popularity around Australia and the demand is growing with our customers. We know that they will be eager to be the first in Australia to buy the products from our shelves,” said John-Paul Drake, Director of Drakes Supermarkets.

“We are always striving to provide our customers with a better experience, keeping up with consumer demand. We couldn’t be more excited for our customers to be the first to buy v2 products and to start creating family favourites with plant-based meat,” said Tim Cartwright, General Manager Fresh Food at Drakes Supermarkets

v2food burger with slaw
v2food burger with slaw

Following its launch in October 2019, v2food has enjoyed success in Australia and abroad. v2food is currently on the menu in independent cafes and restaurants, Soul Burger, Marley Spoon, Dinnerly,  Burger King New Zealand and at over 420 Hungry Jack’s stores locally.

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