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Twitter could include an ‘Undo Tweet’ feature for paying users

Edit tweet? Not quite yet, but the capability to undo a tweet could be on offer in the near futureif you’re willing to pay.

As has been rumoured for some time now, Twitter is looking to roll out a paid subscription plan – and the social media giant is currently in the midst of locking in the features paying users will have access to.

Among the possible feature line-up, an Undo Tweet button that will enable a user to remove a post before it actually goes live on Twitter. While the current “Delete” button does just that to an already-published tweet, this would essentially offer a progress bar showing the time you have to remove a tweet before it’s up on the feed for the world to see… and screenshot. Hey, nothing ever gets deleted from the internet, right?

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Tech research and blogger Jane Manchun Wong took to Twitter on Friday with a screenshot showing some of the potential features. She also previously shared a gif showcasing the possible Undo Send timer for tweets.

Twitter has a number of features at various stages of development as it readies its paid service. Among them: Spaces, a live-audio chat room feature currently in a beta stage; profile badges and other customisable elements; and Super Follows, which would offer users the ability to pay content creators to see their tweets. There are also various tweaks and upgrades being tested, including clearer layouts for image posts and the capability to watch YouTube videos on the home timeline.

Twitter has also expressed its desire to increase its focus on small business and provide more appeal for the sector in the advertising space.

Stay tuned…

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