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Too shy? Three tricks for overcoming social anxiety

If you think you’d be a better entrepreneur if you were less shy, try these simple methods from the pros. (Hey, it worked for Will Ferrell!)

Some of us are born with the gift of gab, and others struggle to get three words out of their mouth at a dinner party (and, according to The New York Times, it’s not always obvious who is in which camp). Though it’s clear that some of us have a natural inclination to shyness, it’s equally obvious that the ability to boldly sell yourself and make social connections generally benefits business people.

Shy people might not make natural entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re inclined to be less than outgoing socially, you’re doomed to failure as a business owner. Your level of shyness isn’t something you’re stuck with, according to a recent article in Psychology Today.

The piece, by author Bill Knaus, offers “exercises to overcome feeling conspicuous and awkward in social situations.”

Some of these are suitable only for shyness-busting workshops and demand a group setting to be effective, but a subset of exercises called ‘Stepping out of Character Exercises’ could be used by any entrepreneur looking to overcome his or her social anxieties.

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