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Today: Eat Lunch! And Get Outside.

While relaxing on my balcony and making the most of a rain-free day, I sat eating my lunch and reading the Sunday Telegraph, I stumbled across an article by Brittany Stack: Aussies are working longer hours than ever: Dining al desko. She shared research, conducted by Mark McCrindle whom I respect greatly for his research accuracy, which identified:

  • 28% of Aussies eat lunch at their desks;
  • 60% admitted to skipping lunch; and
  • Only 4% bring their lunch daily.
Go outside for lunch
Go outside for lunch!

I was amazed by these numbers. My mouth was left wide opened by these findings and my lunch put on a hold for a few seconds while I collected my thoughts.

Let me be upfront and say this, whether you are an employer or employee get off your butt and away from desk at lunch. Or based on the statistics above, at least have lunch!

Obviously, with my background, I am going to want you to have a healthy lunch – not too many carbs; some fruit; water. But to be honest I don’t mind too much if it is a chicken schnitzel! What I care about is:

  • Number 1 – you have lunch!
  • Number 2 – you have lunch away from your desk!

Eating regularly (good food) keeps your metabolism going and provides you the energy to live your life. For the sake of your personal health, you cannot afford to skip any meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner!

McCrindle’s research found that less than half of those that ate lunch at their desk went outside for lunch. Do we guess then that it is about 12% of workers get any fresh air at lunch?

So let’s be realistic about your productivity at work when you haven’t eaten – poor. And as Ms McElhone says your performance at work when you haven’t refreshed for half an hour away from your desk – poor! So why do it?

It is in your personal best interests to have a break. It is in the businesses best interest to have a break. I just don’t get why you wouldn’t?

The business will not go broke in a 30 minute lunch break! It would be highly unlikely you would miss any career progressing opportunities in a 45 minute lunch break. You also probably would not miss any phone calls that you couldn’t call back after a 60 minute break. And by taking a break, re-fueling with healthy food, fresh air, and having oxygenated blood pumping through your veins you will positively affect your decision making, problem solving and clarity in thinking – not to mention stop yourself dozing off by about 3:30pm!

I simply can’t believe this research. I mean I can believe the numbers, I just cannot fathom the results!

While the general thrust of the article was about working overtime and not being paid, I would like to quote the final 3 paragraphs from the non-clear thinking Ms McElhone:

“Publicist for Peep Toe Shoes, Rosie McElhone, eats lunch at her desk five days a week to keep up with the endless tasks her job requires.

But the 24-year-old said she would probably be more productive if she took an extended lunch break.

“You would be able to refresh and re-energise and come back in the afternoon and have it not drag on,” she said. “But there are just so many distractions.””

What time is lunch for you today? And where are you having it?

What do you think?

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Justin Tamsett

Justin Tamsett

Justin is Australia’s leading fitness business management consultant. He’s worked in the industry since 1989, as a personal trainer, sales manager and health club owner. He understands the pressure that SME business owners and managers sometimes put themselves under. He’s been there and done that and now suffers from a stress-induced chronic illness! In his blog he’ll share his tips on how to stay healthy, productive and happy at work and at home, whether you’re a couch potato or a gym bunny. Follow him on Twitter @JTActiveMgmt or check out his personal blog www.JustinTamsett.com

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