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Three ways to make your screw-ups count

Everyone fails sometimes – but it takes work and wisdom to be able to learn from your mistakes.

If I judged everyone by his or her bio, resume, or LinkedIn profile I would believe that everyone I meet was the greatest success story in the world. In fact with so many incredibly successful people, it’s amazing there are any economic difficulties at all today. With everyone so content and confident, why does anxiety even exist? Perhaps the therapist business will soon collapse and the drug companies will stop making happy pills.

Well, no need to sell your Pfizer stock. Xanax is here to stay. As long as people keep promoting their strengths and successes while ignoring their weaknesses and failures, they’ll continue to create anxiety among themselves and the people around them. It’s odd how people think you won’t recognise their failures. It’s easy to see through the lies, the misplaced blame, the insecurity. In fact the more you try and cover up your weakness the louder it screams and gets talked about by everyone around.

Sure failure and weakness is painful. I get embarrassed when I screw up and negatively impact someone else. Being Jewish I live with the guilt for weeks, or longer. But shortly after the guilt and embarrassment passes, I marvel at the power of my failure. I revel in identifying my weakness. I gain insight and confidence from the experience and wear my wound proudly like a new merit badge on a Boy Scout sash.

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