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Three low-cost ways to keep data safe when travelling for business

Technology can make business trips easier, but it can also create new risks you need to address.

Doing business on the road has never been easier, thanks to increasingly powerful laptops, tablets and smartphones, and nearly ubiquitous Internet connections. But with the conveniences come new perils. Loaded with heaps of juicy business and personal data, our devices are too easy to lose and for thieves to swipe. Even if we keep them in our possession, thieves can still try to grab sensitive information by “sniffing” it out over Wi-Fi airwaves or using malicious software.

But digital security on the road can be simple and economical. Here are three principles to remember:

1. Protect your devices.
Loss and theft are often your biggest risks when traveling. You might have insurance that covers a hardware hit, but what about the sensitive data inside?

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