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The secret trouble with selling your business

It sounds crazy, but selling your start-up for a tidy sum won’t necessarily make you ecstatic. In fact, entrepreneurs often experience post-sale blues.

For a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, starting companies may be thrilling, but let’s be honest – you’re probably also not averse to making a boatload of cash. And in the start-up game that often means selling your company.

So imagine what you’ve worked so incredibly hard for actually comes to pass. You’ve sold your company for a tidy sum and you feel…sad?

Hard as it may be to imagine for an early stage start-up warrior camped under her desk, that’s the premise of a fascinating article in the Financial Times on the phenomenon of post business sale blues.

For the in-depth piece, Jonathan Moules talks to a handful of founders who successfully sold their businesses about the unexpected feelings of sadness that can follow. It’s well worth a read in full, but here, for instance, is James Averdieck, founder of chocolate desert business Gü, on his reaction to offloading his business to Noble Foods for a very healthy £29 million.

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