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The ‘do nothing’ approach to leadership

In taking your startup to the next level and becoming the CEO, consider adopting this more unconventional management style.

Mark Zuckerberg may be the poster child for entrepreneurial success as a young person, but he had to take CEO lessons.

Along his meteoric rise, he had to figure out how to be a manager. Being the CEO of Facebook wasn’t enough. He’d have to manage people and, when needed, attempt to unearth their potential.

To be sure, leadership is tough. That’s because it feels unnatural. You have to train yourself to overcome the innate responses that accompany regular social interaction and contend with the instinct to be liked while continually evaluating and providing feedback. You also have to fight the inclination to always be producing. That hard work likely got you this far, but once you take on the CEO reins, your job as a manager won’t resemble work as you know it. In fact, it may not resemble work at all.

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