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Thailand – a run down on the current state of play

Written by Ian Bennett

Thailand has been in the news over recent months for all the wrong reasons.

Political turmoil was the state of play and resolution was only finally achieved through actions of the court.

Behind the scenes, actions by key parties  was not played out in the media as has been in the past, however, speculation of who did what does not seem important at this time to the outsiders looking in. The important thing is that there is a new Prime Minister who appears to have support from the parliament and the military – the key to survival.

As politics is now settling down and Thai business people get on with what they do best – business – will Thailand continue to attract inbound FDI in light of these recent events and the current global financial situation? Certainly the benefits and incentives for doing business in Thailand won’t go astray.

This is especially true as the financial crisis forces companies to evaluate costs and efficiencies.

The incentives offered by the Thai Government and the Thai/Australian Free Trade agreement are core considerations when investing in Thailand.

When coupled with their cost effective yet skilled labour force, are offshore companies still prepared to consider Thailand, as an attractive place for investment in Asia? Stay tuned…

For more information about this topic or if you are interested in strategies to grow your business in other international markets, please contact Ian Bennett, Senior Manager International Growth Specialists (Australian Business International Trade Services) on 1800 505 529 or email international.trade@australianbusiness.com.au

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