Telstra launches new small business software apps

Telstra has today announced a number of new online software applications available to Australian small business through the Telstra T-Suite® Software as a Service platform.

According to Telstra Business Group Managing Director, Deena Shiff, the T-Suite applications will enable small businesses to better manage risk.

“In the current economic climate, those small businesses are looking for ways to improve cash flow and better manage risks and compliance obligations and we believe the T-Suite service provides a cost effective answer at the right time.”

The T-Suite applications will be available to lease online for a monthly fee and without expensive upfront licensing fees, meaning businesses can preserve vital cash reserves during the current tough economic climate.

“A business simply goes to, selects the application they would like to use in their business and signs up. The software applications are available 24/7 and automatically updated with the latest versions.  Most applications are available for a free month trial,” Ms Shiff said.

Benefits to small business include:

  • Ability to generate employment agreements and manage everyday staff issues with easy to use HR processes and templates from Workforce Guardian® that are updated online to reflect changes in employment law.
  • Help protect their businesses from viruses, malicious Internet attacks and loss of sensitive data with security tools provided by Telstra, MessageLabs® (now part of Symantec) and McAfee®.
  • Improve collaboration between suppliers, staff and customers with Microsoft® SharePoint, Microsoft® Exchange Mail and Skoot™, which allows small businesses to securely and quickly send/share large files too big for email
  • Automate business processes such as billing, invoicing and document management with software offered by WORKetc and access Microsoft Dynamics® CRM software.

Workforce Guardian Managing Director, Adrienne Unkovich, said the T-Suite  service was timely given that many small businesses do not have any systems in place to manage the new IR laws.

“T-Suite  applications gives us the scale to help thousands of small businesses properly prepare themselves for the massive changes in employment laws recently passed by the federal Parliament and ensure they are kept constantly up to date with any modifications to the laws.”

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