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Telstra iPhone 4 business plans priced ‘high’ vs Optus

Telstra’s iPhone 4 business plan pricing has been released, with Telstra firmly positioning itself as the premium network for the iPhone 4, with prices much higher than rival Optus.

Telstra iPhone 4 businessTelstra’s iPhone 4 business plans sit on price points between Telstra’s consumer iPhone 4 plans, offering similar, but not identical call value with similar but not identical data allowances on business plans. Telstra’s rival Optus has released by far the sharpest iPhone 4 plans for business which are priced identically to the Optus’ consumer iPhone 4 Cap plans.

Telstra sees its Next G mobile network as an ideal fit for the iPhone 4’s data needs and is pricing it accordingly, offering only meager download limits compared to rival Optus. Where Optus’ iPhone 4 plans for business start at 1Gb of included data on the $49 Business Complete Advantage plans and 2Gb on the $59 and $79 plans, Telstra only give business iPhone 4 customers 1Gb when they are on the $120 Telstra iPhone 4 business plan, 1.5Gb on the $160 plan and 2.5Gb on the $180 Telstra iPhone 4 business plan.

Optus clearly trumps Telstra with its iPhone 4 Business plans for value, with Optus’ $89 Business Timeless Advantage plan it provides more value (Unlimited domestic calls and 3Gb of data) than Telstra’s $180 iPhone 4 business plan (unlimited calls and only 2.5Gb of data). Optus is by far the most aggressively priced iPhone 4 mobile plan in Australia for business. If you are likely to be served well by Optus’ 3G mobile coverage footprint, you would be well advised to save the money and sign up with Optus for your iPhone 4 business mobile.

Vodafone continues to ignore the iPhone 4 as a business option in its plan announcements, only announcing Vodafone’s iPhone 4 plans for consumers this morning. Despite offering the iPhone 3GS on its range of business cap plans.

The iPhone 4 has shaken off the perception that Apple’s iPhone is a poor choice for business users, and is a viable option for businesses that sync their email via exchange or gmail ‘in the cloud’ online. As a small business mobile solution, it’s a powerful choice, and Optus delivers the best value for business, not Telstra.

Telstra iPhone 4 business plans pricing
Telstra iPhone 4 business plans pricing (Click for fullsize)

Telstra (via @Telstra on twitter) have confirmed that a Telstra will soon release pricing for their iPhone 4 Business Cap plans, which may bring better value to business customers. Stay tuned.

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