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Swine flu will devastate business

As swine flu grips the globe, health experts are predicting the number of infected people will continue to rise and will devastate business.

According to reports in Business Spectator, the swine flu pandemic is expected to hit businesses hard, as more and more workers take sick leave.

An infectious diseases expert, Professor Raina McIntyre, who advises the government on influenza, said this month the number of deaths in Australia could reach 20,000. Health Minister Nicola Roxon was quick to downplay these reports, claiming it would be closer to 6,000.  Already the health system is being overwhelmed as the number of swine flu cases increases, and businesses are struggling with more and more staff off sick.

Just earlier this month, the NSW Business Chamber said swine flu is responsible for atleast 40 percent of all sick leave take in NSW, with predictions that swine flu is expected to cost NSW businesses nearly $1 billion.

The Government has already warned businesses to be extra vigilant about health measures in the workplace, and has urged workers to remain at home if they appear to display symptoms of the virus.

In May, the Government developed a swine flu protection kit, which includes information on how to prevent customers from getting sick, planning to keep a business in business, 10 steps businesses can take in order to be better prepared for a pandemic, along with what human influenza pandemic is.

The kit also includes advice on how businesses can implement contingency plans in the workplace.

According to information contained in the kit, business continuity means “having contingency plans in place so that your business can function during times of disruption. For small businesses, in particular, even the loss of an important supplier, or a few key customers may highlight the value of business continuity planning.”

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