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Sustainability still a long way off for Australian businesses

Sustainability is still a long way off for Australian businesses, says Swinburne academic Associate Professor Linda Brennan.

Brennan believes Australian businesses may be hampered by too many stakeholders with mutually exclusive goals to achieve true sustainability.

Brennan’s claims are part of a paper, co-written with fellow Swinburne academic, Janelle McCrohan and Victoria University academic Wayne Binney, to be presented at the International Nonprofit and Social Marketing Conference (INSM) today.

The paper draws its conclusions from an analysis of the ASX Top 20 websites.

“The analysis shows that the existing activities described as corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability and ethical codes of conduct are to a large degree not congruent with each other.

“Our research has shown that organisational (financial) sustainability often takes precedence over environmental and social sustainability,” said Brennan.

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