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SpeechPrompter iPad App turns your iPad into a teleprompter

The SpeechPrompter iPad App will turn your iPad into a teleprompter, making it an almost indispensable addition to your iPad business app collection if you regularly give business presentations.

SpeechPrompter iPad App
SpeechPrompter iPad App (Click for full size)

Effective presenters commit the salient points of their presentation to memory and then put the script away, but memorising a speech may not be practical in some situations. Most people who have to speak in front of a group will at least take note cards or typed pages to the podium for reference as they deliver their address. Now, the SpeechPrompter iPad app helps take the stress out of speech-making by providing presenters with a discreet and practical mobile teleprompter.

Craig Thompson, creator of SpeechPrompter sees the app as useful for anyone giving presentations in front of groups of any size.

“You can set your iPad on the podium and play your script just like on an expensive teleprompter, and you’re in control,” he says “You can also practice your presentation anywhere, anytime because it’s right there on your iPad.”

The iPad teleprompter application lets you create and edit speeches and then set their preferred font style, size and color to play the script. Simple finger swipes control the scroll speed, and a timer helps presenters watch the clock. Users can also set cue points in SpeechPrompter, so they can jump to a particular section of the script with two quick finger taps.

“It’s a great tool for pastors, professors, sales managers – anyone who has to speak in front of a group,” Thompson says.

The Speechprompter app for the iPad is available in the Apple iTunes store for $7.99. The app will soon be available for Android-based pads according to Thompson, including the Galaxy tab from Samsung.

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