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Some more advice for my PR friends…

Despite my first controversial blog, I’m still getting the same really small, yet really annoying things through into my inbox.

On Friday, I received yet another press release addressed to a name that certainly wasn’t mine. My name isn’t Kelly. My email address should give you a good hint at that. (And yes, I’m being facetious and I know it was just a silly mistake on your part and we all make them—even me—but if all you’re doing is changing the email address and name at the top of the body text, do it right, PLEASE). Otherwise you’d be better off bcc’ing everyone and not bothering changing the name.

Some of you probably think I’m being really picky about this (and it doesn’t take much to start me whingeing, let’s be honest) but if you saw how many emails I get every day, you’d see how much I have to end up deleting, and I quickly delete those emails with the wrong name, spelling mistakes and dodgy punctuation. I know some releases only lend themselves to be sent out en masse, but if you really want me to sit up and read something, make me feel like you actually thought about why Dynamic Business might want to run it and how it could work for us. And if you’ve done your background reading on the magazine, you should know the editor’s name too.

Rant over.

What do you think?

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Jen Bishop

Jen Bishop

Jen was the publisher at Loyalty Media and editor of Dynamic Business, Australia's largest circulating small business magazine, from 2008 until 2012. She is now a full-time blogger at The Interiors Addict.

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