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Skype release ‘Skype for Android’ mobile app

Skype has released Skype for Android, a mobile app built for Google Android mobile phones running Android OS version 2.1 or above, with the app available from the Android Market.

Skype for Android
Skype for Android (Click for fullsize)

Skype has long had a Skype iPhone app, but this is the first time Skype have released an app for a non-Apple platform since discontinuing the Windows Mobile app earlier this year. Skype for Android will allow users to make Skype calls using either a WiFi or mobile data connection. To get Skype for Android, either visit the Android Market on your mobile phone, or visit www.skype.com/m for more information.

Mark Douglas, Product Manager of Android believes that Skype for Android makes Skype the number one choice for VOIP calls on the majority of mobile phones available today.

“The Skype experience is ubiquitous today. More and more people are using Skype to do things together when apart. With the addition of Android, we are pleased that Skype is now available on three of the most popular mobile platforms today: Android, iOS and Symbian”

Skype is particularly useful for businesses that need to call overseas and is growing in popularity as an option, replacing costly overseas long distance calls. Skype for Android unties you from your desktop when making Skype calls and gives you the option of making that long distance call for free on the go (with the exception of mobile data charges from your mobile company).

Skype for Android is compatible with most Android 2.1 or above mobiles such as the popular HTC Desire in Australia however Skype notes that there are some problems with the Samsung Galaxy S which the company is working to resolve.

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