Seinfeld boosts profile of Greater Building Society

The Greater Building Society today announced that its new marketing campaign starring Jerry Seinfeld has dramatically lifted its brand profile.

According to head of marketing at Greater, John Dwyer, the company commissioned The Financial Research Company to measure any changes in brand awareness in existing markets, and to gauge people’s level of recall of the new campaign; and the results were astounding.

Two groups of more than 1000 people living in the Greater’s area of operations (regional NSW and Queensland’s Gold Coast) were surveyed online, the first group a month before the campaign launch and the second group seven days after the launch.

Mr Dwyer said that 60 percent of people surveyed were aware of the campaign and that 49 percent linked the campaign to Greater; while brand awareness climbed 13 percent following the campaign.

“Increases in brand awareness can take years to achieve but this campaign has delivered that result for us virtually overnight,” he said.

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