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Scrap the jobs board for direct sourcing

Faced with a talent shortage, Australian recruiters are increasingly turning to social professional networks to scout new hires.

A new report from LinkedIn into the latest recruiting trends found that social networks are being used as recruiters try to find better ways to source passive candidates.

Steve Barham of LinkedIn APAC said companies are also relying on social networks to develop their brand as an employer in order to attract new talent.

“It is crucial for talent acquisition professionals to stay ahead of the competition by training their team and employees on how to use these platforms effectively, investing more in their employer brand and developing talent brand ambassadors both online and off,” Barham said.

Some 90 per cent of recruitment professionals surveyed stated that employer brand has a significant impact on the ability to hire great talent.

The report also found that Australian employers prefer to hire internally. Over 90 per cent have either matched or exceeded their 2012 investment in internal hiring this year. Retaining top talent and encouraging professional development were cited as the main reasons for this investment.

Mobile technology is also making its mark in the recruitment sector. While 52 per cent of candidates are using their mobile device to search and apply for jobs, 87 per cent of companies still aren’t investing enough in their mobile strategy.

The majority of Australian recruiters also believe their organisation isn’t making the most of data when it comes to hiring decisions. Although 37 per cent said they quantifiably measure their employer brand and 34 per cent regularly survey new hires to understand brand position, just 15 per cent said their organisation uses this data well in hiring.

Here are five tips from LinkedIn on how to strengthen your recruitment strategy:

  1. Invest in social professional networks for the future.
  2. Identify data you can leverage to inform your decisions and employer brand.
  3. Think like a marketer. Determine the most effective channels for your employer brand strategy.
  4. Understand the benefits of internal hiring and use data to get buy-in and increase awareness.
  5. Take action on your mobile strategy to expand your talent pool and increase awareness among passive candidates.

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Gina Baldassarre

Gina Baldassarre

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